AKC Shih Tzu

Our love for the Shih Tzu began with our youngest daughter's desire to own a little dog of her very own.  She purchased Daisy in the spring of 2010 and since then we purchased a second female, Rose, in February 2011.  

As of January 2015, Daisy and Rose have been retired from our breeding program.  In place, we have Violet and Jasmine (Daisy's daughters) and Ginger and Frannie.

Our Shih Tzu's are raised in our home as part of our family.  Living on a farm affords them the opportunity for adventure and plenty of room to run and play!  

Our puppies come to you accustomed to the sights and sounds of an active household and large family!  They are socialized with people of all ages, cats and large dogs.  We work with them on house training, and knowing basic obedience commands.  They are handled many times a day and groomed frequently.  We take them outside for playtimes and work with them on using stairs.  Our puppies are fed a diet of quality kibble and raw meat/bone, free from animal and plant by products and grains.  Your puppy will come to you vet checked, dew claws removed, dewormed, started on vaccinations and with a puppy pack filled with a blanket, toy, chewies, treats and food to get you started.

Our puppies are generally ready to go to their new homes when they are 8 weeks old.  We will keep a puppy longer for your convenience.  Please ask us for details. 

You may make your selection when the pups turn 6 wks. old.  The order in which I receive deposits holds your pick placement for that litter.

AKC Great Pyrenees

We purchased our first Great Pyrenees in the spring of 2007 as our free range hens and pastured poultry began to get predator pressure from raccoons.   We fell in love with this remarkable breed and knew at that time, one would never be enough!  Since then, we have started a modest breeding program as well.  Although we pay special attention to health and confirmation of those dogs that are selected for our breeding program, our focus is not show dogs!  We are working on a healthy breeding program for the selection of excellent working dogs and family companions.

We spend many, many hours with our pups and pay special attention observing individual temperments as they develop.  Along with my personal observations, I also test all of the pups at 49 days using the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test.  I also perform livestock and barrier tests for those puppies I feel are good candidates for livestock guardian dogs.  In this way, we can be pretty certain each puppy is being placed where it will do best, either in a working environment or as a family companion.  Our puppies stay with their mom until they leave for their new homes.  Especially with a working breed, we feel this is of utmost importance as they don't begin to even follow mom out into the field to patrol until around 6 wks. of age.  At this time, until they leave for their new homes at 10 wks., mom teaches them many first lessons, which we feel is of utmost importance to the puppy for the rest of its life.

Your puppy will be accustomed to being handled and groomed and come to you started on knowing basic obedience commands.  It will be well socialized with people of all ages.  It will be introduced to and socialized with poultry and livestock.  Your puppy will be vet checked, dewormed as needed, started on vaccinations and come to you with a bag filled with blanket, toy, bone, treats and food to get you started.

We do feed our dogs and puppies a high quality kibble, raw meat and bones.  Please ask if you would like more information on a raw diet for your puppy.

The primary color of Great Pyrenees is white.  A puppy can be born all white, with badger markings and mask, tan markings and mask or wolf grey badger markings and mask.  Most markings, besides wolf grey badger, fade and recede as the puppy grows into an adult.  Most adults appear white.  Although, I will take preference for color into account when choosing a puppy for you, it does not weigh heavily into our selection process unless the puppy is for show/breeding.  With a powerful working breed we understand and you should too that a good working relationship with your dog for its life is more important than any color.

The placement of our puppies is important to us.  Just like children, each puppy is born its own self.  Each family and working environment is unique.  We will recommend the pup(s) that are right for you.  If you are not comfortable with this and trusting of our years experience than please look elsewhere.  We are not the right breeder for you!  Selection begins after aptitude testing is complete.  Puppies are placed at 10 weeks.

Contact Information:

Kimberly Brittain 4470 Alvin Rd.  Mikado, MI 48745  (989) 736-9532

email:  [email protected]